Daihatsu Sirion

The Daihatsu Sirion comes with a unique body style and a spacious cabin. The supermini also offers a high level of standard equipment. Superminis are very popular city cars, but the Daihatsu Sirion may have a tough time competing with its unique body style, it will face steep competition in its class.

The Daihatsu’s impressive standard kit offers Four airbags, an ABS braking system, stereo with a CD player, electric windows and mirrors, and power steering. This is quite an impressive package due to the fact that many of these features are unique to be offered as a standard package for a mini on the lesser end of the budget scale. Not to mention the cabin is spacious and increases the cars practicality.

The car is equipped with a small but capable petrol engine, and drives and handles well even on motorways. The unique body style sets the Sirion apart from other superminis in its class. The body style is likely to appeal to the younger crowd.

The lack of a diesel option could limit potential buyers for the Sirion. The trendy untraditional body style could further limit buyers for a car that carries the Daihatsu brand-a brand that has not been widely accepted in the first place.



The Sirion is a very inexpensive car. The level of standard equipment is high for a supermini making the Sirion an even more cost effective purchase. Both of the petrol engine options are economical and efficient. Daihatsu is known for producing reliable vehicles, so routine servicing should be all that’s necessary. Running costs and insurance are also cheap.

For a supermini the Sirion has an abundance of space. It can seat four comfortably, but the boot is rather small. Storage space inside the car is very good including a decent glove box and several cupholders.

The car’s controls are easy to understand and conveniently located on the car’s steering column. Daihatsu has kept it simple, yet functional.

The Daihatsu increased the Sirion’s usefulness and practicality when they increased the vehicle’s cabin space. The Sirion is still a supermini, but it is really a spacious supermini and that should work to Daihatsu’s advantage, especially in this sector. Front and rear head and legroom should be adequate for most average sized passengers; the steering wheel adjusts for rake and not reach. The seats are fairly comfortable and road and engine noise is low.

The car provides good accessibility. Front seat passengers will find liding in and out of the car a fairly simple task. The car’s doors are large enough and the seats sit high enough that few people should have any problems with it at all. The back doors are smaller and getting out could be a little tricky depending on the size of the passenger.

Due to the cars size and tight turning circle parking is a very simple task. The Daihatsu Sirion provides excellent forward and rear visibility, and light steering makes the car easy to maneuver at low speeds.

Life Style

The Sirion has good driver appeal. It delivers a smooth ride and easy handling. The car has a highly effective braking system and the manual gearshift is in a comfortable position and is easy to use. Both petrol engine options are similar in functionality and performance.

The Sirion would not make a good family car. It is too small to accommodate the baggage or cargo that is associated with a family vehicle. Even though the car probably couldn’t meet the demands of being a family’s primary vehicle, it could be a very useful second car.

The Sirion would make an excellent first car. It’s inexpensive to purchase, running costs are low. Insurance would be cost effective and it is easy to maneuver and park.

Daihatsu makes a great impression with this impressive little supermini. The company has added some much desired safety features and additional cabin space. Even with all of the perks that the company is offering with their standard package many buyers will still opt for the bigger name brands who tend to dominate the supermini market.

Security and Safety

The cars security features include remote central locking, and an engine immobilizer. The car is unlikely to fall victim to car thieves, but these features do give the buyer some peace of mind.

The company has upped the bar for safety. The car comes standard with front twin and side airbags. The car also comes equipped with an anti-lock braking system.

Finishing Touches

The Sirion comes fairly well equipped for a supermini. It comes with a standard stereo and CD player, with large, easy to use buttons and a clear display. The systems sound quality is very good.

The Sirion looks the most attractive sporting bright, fun colors. The cabin design is composed of mostly dark grey and black with silver trim, giving the cabin a more quality feel.


If you are looking at a second hand Daihatsu Sirion you are looking at one of the most affordable cars on the market. The Sirion offers an incredibly generous standard package for a car of this class. Throw in the additional cabin space and the company’s history of producing reliable vehicles, and buyers are bound to take notice. At very least the Sirion is raising the standards bar for its competitors.

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