BMW 3 Series

This Series is designed for the buyer who is seeking a premium compact car that isn’t a 4×4 or MPV. This vehicle has an updated appearance and a more sensible rear end. Other than that the design closely mimics the 5 Series.

The German company created the 3 Series to be practical. It has the ability to haul more cargo without being a boring car. As would be expected from BMW the car is also designed for driver comfort and pleasure.

The BMW 3 Series boasts the same handling and performance standards as the saloon, but the 3 Series is more of personal statement than just a plain estate car. The 3 Series has a large load space and the rear cargo space opens separately for added versatility. BMW offers a diesel option for the best engine performance and economy.

Not everyone was won over by the car’s new design. It will take time for the car to prove its versatility and functionality. As far as style goes, the new exterior design is not for everyone and it might take a while for critics to embrace the 3 Series.


The 3 Series does not come cheap. It is an expensive car, but it is more efficient than the competition and costs less to maintain and run.

BMW has provided a spacious yet stylish car. The cabin provides adequate room for all passengers, including good head and legroom. Storage space within the cabin is limited because the 3 is not considered a family car.

The 3 does come with front cup holders, the problem is that they don’t seem to be of the same feel or quality as the rest of the cabin fixtures. Rear storage space is good and the tailgate also comes with some stylish features of its own.

Inside the cabin, the main controls and dials are simple to operate and easy to read. The stereo system is basic with large controls that are not difficult to operate.

The 3 Series offers comfortable yet firm seats. They feel supportive but not too firm. More legroom has been added for the comfort of rear passengers. Just as BMW successfully increased cabin space, they have also successfully decreased engine and road noise. Even the diesel engine has been designed to run more quietly than before.

The 3 Series provides front seat passengers with plenty of room making entering and exiting the cabin a breeze. Even tough there is plenty of cabin space for rear seated passengers, the back door aperture could have been larger for easier accessibility.

Parking the 3 is not an easy task. The rear view is partially blocked by head restraints making parking difficult, the only car I have driven with worse rear visibility is the Chrysler 300C. Sensors are a practical add on with this vehicle. Other than the partially obstructed rear view and difficulty knowing where the rear of the car ends, parking the 3 Series is a fairly easy task. Steering is light making it easy to maneuver the car.

Life Style

This BMW has plenty of driver appeal, from rear wheel drive to the driver’s choice of high-tech engines. The 3 is now a more rewarding and pleasant ride, even over rough terrain.  The petrol engine must be revved hard for it to reach its full potential, making the diesel engine a more viable option.

The 3 is not a family car. It has been designed to enhance its load carrying capabilities, but it was not designed for family transportation. The boot is large enough however to store more than one stroller or other large items. Rear seats fold down making it possible to carry lumber and other odd or over-sized items.

The 3 would be an expensive first car. It is costly to purchase, and insurance would not be cheap. In all fairness the 3 is easy to drive and fairly easy to park. There are probably better first cars for new drivers.

When compared to its predecessor, the 3 Series seems to have dropped slightly in quality. Past BMW’s seem to have been better built, and it is inevitable that if BMW doesn’t regain the same commitment to quality that it used to have, their image will eventually suffer as a result.

Safety and Security

The BMW 3 Series comes with all of the usual anti-theft devices, a remote locking system, and an immobilizer. The rear load space is protected by a retractable cover. There are several security upgrades offered with the 3 Series.

BMW is very concerned with safety issues. The car is equipped with all of the usual safety features, Anti-lock brakes, traction and stability aids, twin front and side airbags, and ISOFIX child restraint mounting points.

Finishing Touches

The 3 comes with a standard stereo, including a CD player. The sound quality is good, and the controls are easy to use. There are many upgrades available, such as; an i Drive feature, sat-nav, and various other options.

The BMW 3 Series looks good in silver not too dissimilar to my second hand Mercedes Benz SE Class, but not in the darker colors. The interior design looks best in black or other dark colors, although a variety of options are available including leather.


General opinion seems to be split down the middle on whether to love or hate the body style of the BMW’s 3 Series. Either way, it is hard not to appreciate the car’s simple yet functional cabin design. The 3 also has a lot to offer in the way of good handling and great diesel performance. Don’t overlook its hauling capabilities and added versatility.

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