In modern history the Automobile has played an increasingly important role in day to day life. Automobile manufacturers have constantly been making the world a smaller place, and you can now even drive from the UK to France. The innovations and technology shows no sign of stopping and it will be incredible to see where we are in 20 years. With the fuel crisis and the implementation of hybrid and electrical technology, the car is evolving and developing alongside the world as new prioritise come into the forefront of modern culture, as we become more concerned with the environment, so too do our cars. It is becoming more and more clear that one’s automobile is becoming much more than merely a vehicle which gets you from A to B, it is rather a mechanical extension of the person or even the family. It goes with you everywhere, on every journey from the hospital for the birth of your child, to the day to day school run which will occupy your morning 4 years later. So join us as we pay homage to the Automobile and all it has done for us.

Automobile production can be traced back as far as 1769 when the first automobile was designed with a steam powered engine. Almost 40 years later, combustion engines which could run on fuel gas were developed and naturally they started powering the cars of that time. Later on in the 19th century the first ubiquitous modern gasoline or petrol-fuelled internal combustion engine which would inevitably end up in cars was produced. Now after a century of these sorts of engines we are looking to move forward using different means, and electric technology, which had a run at the turn of the 20th century, is taking centre stage again as ‘going green’ becomes a massive priority, this blog highlights the benefits and reasons to ‘go green’. Fuel efficiency is another huge factor (obviously), and it has forced manufacturers go down new paths which consist of energy savers, hybrid vehicles, battery powered electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles.

There are a wealth of sites out there with all sorts of information about cars; how they came about, where to buy them, how they work and how to look after them. Below are just a few of our favourites:

  • AutoVillage - has all sorts of car related stuff: car buying, car news, car reviews.
  • A YouTube channel called Engineering Explained – has great videos on how the different parts of a car work.
  • www.SmartDriving.co.uk – is a great site covering everything from what to do if you break down on a railway crossing to how to keep your car clean.

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